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This summer I had no chance to travel thus I’m stuck staying at home for the most of it. I have always love watercolor paintings.  But they said it’s the hardest medium to control but I still tried my hand on it anyway . Along the way I find the need to sketch which to my surprise I also  find quite fun. So the rest of my summer came and gone  with amateur sketches and  watercolors… Indeed watercolors are hard , I cannot seemed to get good ones on my sky and waters but it’s load s of fun and not giving up either.

the endless walk


There is one thing I have learned and come to like in my life  here in China and it is the art of walking . Chinese people walk a lot. They walk the streets to shop, to sight see , almost to do everything and to go everywhere, the women walk and even climb the hills on  high heels . What a feat!  For sure they are the experts if walking is an art . I enjoyed walking along with them. My daily walk is  made more enjoyable by  the scenery along the way (like the one above) . I walk this path by the lake every day to work. But  when the temperature soars up to the 30’s or goes down to the zeroes, walking the 20 minute walk  becomes  a daunting challenge. But still I admire the people young and old alike who made walking such fun and easy exercise!

strange appetizer

Attended a Chinese friend’s wedding last week. The whole process takes half a day plus more pictorials in the afternoon.  While waiting in our table for the bride and groom to appear, I took notice of this interesting sight.Who would have thought that among the  plates of appetizers served already on the table some  sticks of cigarettes could be one of them? Actually, after the wedding ceremony the bride and groom would go to each table of guests  then  they will give a toast to  all   then  they will give either another toast or  they will lit a cigarette for each male guest on that table and  offer sweets for the ladies to show their respect and gratitude.  Normally there will be about 25-35 tables with ten people in it just imagine how tired they will be after the whole event.

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